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THE INGREDIENTS (The good Stuff)

The Wood oven aims to offer the best, freshest, locally sourced ingredients we can possibly find. Many of our ingredients come from local organic farms, reducing the need for lengthy transport also unnecessary packaging.

Our meat is sourced from organic farms

Our dairy products from local and ethical dairy farms

Some of The Delicious Mushrooms are grown on site at Wood Oven Farm (Find out more further down)

Some herbs and additional vegetables are found at our farm too, using food waste and coffee grounds as compost, All part of the Re-use and Re-cycle wheel of nutrition.

All aspects of food and packaging production contribute to climate changing emissions.

Agriculture – and specifically meat and dairy farming – has the greatest impact.

That's why we have a range of low- and no-meat products and use compostable food boxes.


All food waste is mixed into our composting heap in which we use to nourish our herbs and vegetables grown at Wood Oven Farm
All Coffee Grounds produced by The Wood Oven coffee machine and also any leftovers from local coffee shops are collected and used as the sub straight for our home grown mushrooms used on our very own Pizzas.


Where possible, The Wood Oven will re-use any food items that are safe to do so, operating within the Cooksafe HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Food Safety Management System, recommended by the Foods Standards Agency.


We are constantly evaluating waste on site by investigating procedures and operations to ensure they are as lean as possible and we are reducing waste where we can. 

The Wood oven will use compostable pizza boxes and where possible degradable cutlery to minimise our impact on the environment

We will reduce our need for single use plastic by using food containers that will negate the necessity for throw away packaging.