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SAY WHATTT.... 15 Alternatives to a Tomato Sauce Base

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

You heard it, alternatives to tomato sauce base.

The most important element of cooking is to balance flavors and textures. When it’s done well, eating becomes a true experience. Pizza is a perfect example of this with its crunchy and chewy crust, balanced with a tangy and velvety tomato sauce. Toppings contribute their salty or earthy flavors and the cheese harmony, a medley as a fatty, and ‘oh so satisfying to chew’ flavor blanket.

We at The Wood Oven have a few alternatives to the tomato sauce base. We have a delicious Cheesy garlic Pizza, We offer an unrivalled Genovese pizza and also a goats cheese and caramelised onion with option of a butternut squash base. BANGING.

If you’d like to keep venturing through this delicious world of tomato sauce alternatives we have a handy list here for you:

1. BBQ Sauce

2. Pesto

3. Chipotle sauce

4. Verde Sauce

5. Cheese Sauce

6. Hummus

7. Heavy Cream Sauce 8. Calabrian Hot Chili Pepper Cream

9. Vodka Sauce

10. Butter Sauce

11. Garlic and olive oil (also called a Pizza Bianca), garlic oil or other infused oil

12. Honey Garlic

13. Béchamel or Alfredo Sauce

14. Teriyaki Sauce

15. Buffalo Sauce

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